Kendra Kandlestar
The Chronicler

In this two-person game, you can battle with your favorite characters from The Chronicles of Kendra Kandlestar to determine who will survive the Rumble Pit.

You’ll need:
~ Rumble Pit cards (download and print them here)
~ Playing dice (three green and two red are recommended)
~ A pencil and a pad of paper to keep score
~ Two players

Rumble Pit Game.

Game preparation:
Print out one set of the Rumble Pit cards. With the help of an adult, cut out the cards and divide them into two separate piles, one for Warriors (the cards with the green borders) and one for Weapons (the cards with the purple borders).

Rules of Play:
Shuffle each deck of cards and place face down. Each player then selects one card from each pile. Add up the score on each of the cards to get your “power.”

For example, Player 1 chooses Eenling (7) and Potion (4).

Rumble Pit Card. Rumble Pit Card.

Player 1’s power is 11.

Player 2 chooses Serpent (8) and Pickle (1).

Rumble Pit Card. Rumble Pit Card.

Player 2’s power is 9.

Now, on the pad of paper, write down the warrior name and the power score. Under each name write a total number of health points (50 points are recommended).

For example:
Rumble Pit scorepad.

You are now ready to play! The warrior with the lowest score goes first by rolling the three green dice. The roll needs to match or exceed the power score of the opponent.

For example, Player 2 rolls first and rolls the following three dice:

3 + 2 + 6 = 11

Player 2 scores a hit!

Player 2 now rolls the two red dice to see what damage can be inflicted upon Player 1. Player 2 rolls:

1 + 5 = 6

Player 2 causes Player 1 to lose six health points. Player 1 now has 44 health points remaining!

Rumble Pit scorepad.

Now it’s Player 1’s turn. Player 1 rolls:

1 + 1 + 2 = 4

Player 1 misses Player 2, so does NOT get to roll the red damage dice. It’s now Player 2’s turn again.

Play continues until one of the two players reaches “0” in health points. That player is then defeated!
Now you can reshuffle the cards and play again.

Bonus Rules:
You can customize this game to add your own bonus rules. Make up your own cards to add to the deck or invent special rules such as rolling three of any number gives a special privilege, such as doubling the amount of damage done to a player. The possibilities are endless!

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