Kendra Kandlestar
The Chronicler

Build your own Box of Whispers

To build and design your very own enchanted box.

You'll need:
~ A container such as a craft wooden box (or a shoebox will do!)
~ Paint, felt pens, glue
~ Decorations, such as stickers, buttons and glitter

Start by picking your box. It can be anything such as a shoe box or even a bottle. You can also visit your local craft store to find a pre-made box of chest to use as a starting point.

Once you have selected your box, decide what your box will hold. Does it guard gold or some other treasure? Or does it protect something more unique, like friendship, jealousy, or hope?

Making these decisions will help you decide how to decorate your box.

You should start by painting your box. Once it has dried, you can begin adding more decoration. You can paint different shapes on your box, or use glitter or stickers to help decorate it. There are no rules!



Treasure box.


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