Kendra Kandlestar
The Chronicler

Make your own shadow puppet

To create your very own shadow puppets based on characters from The Chronicles of Kendra Kandlestar.

You'll need:
~ White paper
~ Pencil
~ Thick board paper, any color
~ Brass paper fasteners
~ Extra-long straws or rods
~ Tape or glue
~ Screen and light


Step 1
Use the templates of the character (below) you want to make a puppet of on plain white paper. You can also draw your own template! If you want your puppet to move you probably want to have two parts to it: the head, and then the body. You don’t want more than three (You don’t want more joints than a single puppeteer can manipulate). Cut the template out.

» Kendra Kandlestar shadow puppet (PDF)
» Honest Oki shadow puppet (PDF)
» Prince Peryton shadow puppet (PDF)

Step 2
Trace the template onto a thick board. Cut the shape out.

Step 3.
Poke holes in the template where the hole marks are and stick a wire or brass paper fastener through first the head, then the body.

Step 4
Using a glue gun or tape, affix a stick or an extra long straw or rod to the back of the puppet. Attach one rod to each part that moves. For example, use one rod for the body and then one rod for the head.

Step 5
Prepare a surface for reflecting the shadows, such as a wall, screen or the side of a tent, free of pictures or wall hangings.

Step 6
Choose a light source like a flashlight, lamp, or lantern. Even a projector makes an excellent screen.

Step 7
Construct the performance area. Make sure you include an area for the puppeteers to maneuver the puppets between the light source and the shadow surface.

Step 8




Kendra Shadow Puppet.

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