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Professor Bumblebean
Professor Broon Bumblebean
Famous scholar of Een

As the head of the library in Faun’s End, Broon Bumblebean was one of the most learned scholars in the Land of Een. Professor Bumblebean took great pride in the fact that his family was famous for its intellectual feats. The most reknown of the professor’s ancestors was the legendary Byron Bumblebean, who outwitted giants to build the magnificent Een library.

Professor Bumblebean was a good-natured fellow, but most of the time used words so complicated that his companions couldn’t even understand him. He was naturally curious and he was often in the pursuit of knowledge.

Professor Bumblebean was one of the favorites of the elder known as Winter Woodsong. The professor was chosen by the magic orb to go in search of the Box of Whispers and he proved invaluable on the quest, solving the question posed by the Riddle Door so that he and his companions could enter the Castle of Krodos.

Professor Bumblebean became a loyal friend of Kendra Kandlestar during the search for the Box of Whispers and later chose to help the girl in her quest to find the Door to Unger. After Burdock Brown sealed the magic curtain, preventing anyone from leaving the Land of Een, the professor drew on his expertise in history and mythology to help his companions discover a secret exit beneath the statue of Flavius Faun.

When Burdock Brown took over the Council of Elders and declared Kendra a criminal, Professor Bumblebean worked with Winter Woodsong to help the girl escape Een. Later on, he joined the crew of the Big Bang to help Kendra in the search for the City on the Storm.

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