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Effryn Hagglehorn.
Effryn Hagglehorn
Peddler of magical charms

Cures, charms, and curios could all be had for a price from the strange faun known as Effryn Hagglehorn. He traveled about the world with his snail Skeezle, selling all manner of magical marvels.

Effryn Hagglehorn was somewhat of a huckster, willing to sell anything to anyone—as long as the price was right. Fat and hairy, he hated the idea of a haircut or shave and he was often given to mad moonlight spells in which he brayed at the night skies and uttered strange prophecies.

When Kendra Kandlestar first met Effryn, he had been captured in a hunter’s snare. Kendra helped free him and journeyed with the peculiar faun into the Greeven Wastes while searching for the Door to Unger. Effryn hoped that Kendra would eventually lead him to the Land of Een, where he might profit from selling all sorts of magical goods. In truth, few of Effryn’s enchanted items held any interest to Kendra, until the faun revealed a tiny silver vial containing a magical spell that was simply priceless to the young Een girl and the rest of her people.

Later on, after Kendra saved Effryn from the Door to Unger, the faun pledged his friendship and loyalty to the girl. He gave her three gifts, including the maiden’s mirror, a precious whisper, and a simple sliver of stone that he swore was of the utmost importance. This stone turned out to be the Shard from Greeve, a terrible force of dark magic.

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