Kendra Kandlestar
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Prince Peryton.
Prince Peryton
Magnificent flying stag

The prince of the perytons, that noble race of winged deer, had an adventurous soul. As a young buck, he left his home on the Mountains Zephyr to seek adventure in the wide world.

Unfortunately, the prince found more excitement than he could have ever imagined. He was tricked and captured by Captain Dirtybeard and the gnome pirates, who then embarked for Krake Castle aboard the galley known as the Golden Loot.

It was aboard the Golden Loot that the prince met Kendra Kandlestar. The young Een girl was awed by the peryton’s beauty, nobility, and grace. Kendra wanted to use her magic to rescue the peryton, but he had resigned himself to fighting in the Rumble Pit, the infamous gladiator arena at Krake Castle. As fate would have it, both Kendra and the peryton would find themselves in the Rumble Pit. They resolved to survive together, though their strategy did not go as planned.

Kendra referred to the peryton simply as "Prince." Eventually, the peryton revealed to her his secret name, which she could use to call upon him for aid.

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