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King of the Owls, friend to Een

The history of Een records the name of Prospero, King of the Owls, as a famous hero who helped Leemus Longbraids, one of the first Elders of Een, escape the curse of his dark brother, Grendel Greeve.

Some stories tell that Leemus Longbraids had to tame Prospero, turning him from a wild creature into an Een bird, so that he might ride on his back. Other stories claim that Prospero was as gentle as a feather and that he willingly risked his life for Leemus.

Owls have since become a favorite symbol of Een wizards and sorceresses. If you are to ever visit the Land of Een, you are sure to discover these majestic birds depicted in paintings, statues, carvings, as well as in furniture and other household items.

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