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Honest Oki.
Queen Krake
Menacing monarch

Ruling over a castle fortress at the edge of the Seas of Ire was the gargantuan queen of the Krakes. As the queen of her “hive,” she was naturally several times larger than her Krake drones. She was extremely fat, and could only waddle or slither through the cold corridors of her castle.

When she was not visiting her hundreds of eggs incubating in the royal hatchery, Queen Krake’s greatest joy was to watch captured prisoners fight for survival in the Rumble Pit, a den of battle that sat deep in the bowels of her castle.

Queen Krake believed her kind was superior to all other monsters, and she relished the chance to find the Shard from Greeve, the last missing fragment from the cauldron that once belonged to the Wizard Greeve. She hoped to rebuild the cauldron, thus resurrecting the dark curse of the ancient warlock. As such, she forced her tribe to fight in the great monster war.

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