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Ratchet Ringtail.
Ratchet Ringtail
Amateur wizard, inventor of extraordinary talent

Of all the animals in the Land of Een, Ratchet Ringtail was one of the most notorious. The raccoon fancied himself an amateur wizard and inventor, which meant that he liked to invent with the help of what little magic he thought he knew. His ideas rarely seemed practical.

Most Eens labeled Ratchet as a troublemaker, but he was one of the best friends to Kendra Kandlestar. She thought of him as a big brother, and the rascally raccoon always seemed to know what to say to make her feel better.

Ratchet was gravely disappointed when he wasn’t chosen to go in search of the Box of Whispers. However, he secretly followed after Kendra and the rest of the chosen company and ended up playing an important part in their quest.

For many years, Ratchet lived near the River Wink, in an old tree stump that served as both his home and workshop. Ratchet’s many inventions includde enchanted carrot seeds, time boots, the weather clock, the mood swing, the cracker seat, and pumpkin boats. He also invented a series of strange powders. Even though many true wizards, including Kendra’s Uncle Griffinskitch, thought that Ratchet’s inventions were pure nonsense, the raccoon’s powders came in very handy to Kendra in her quest to find the Door to Unger.

Ratchet decided to take Honest Oki as his apprentice after the little mouse was fired from his job as messenger to the elders. Together Ratchet and Oki continued to develop inventions. After Burdock Brown forbid Een animals to use magic, Ratchet and Oki turned their attention to building a secret device in the forests of Een, which they claimed they did without the help of magic. This device turned out to be the Big Bang, a magical cloud ship that was orginally designed by Ratchet’s grandfather, Roompa Ringtail.

Ratchet captained the Big Bang for many months, leading a crew to help Kendra search for the fabled City on the Storm.

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