Kendra Kandlestar
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Rumor the Red Dragon
Fire-breathing thief

Rumor was a terribly powerful and ferocious dragon. Like so many of his kind, Rumor was obsessed with treasure. For hundreds of years he scavenged the world, collecting all the treasures known to man or monster. He stole as it pleased him, taking gold, diamonds, and precious stones—everything that give the greedy the urge to steal and the wicked the desire to murder. After vanquishing the giants of Krodos, the great serpent moved into their castle, and it was here where he guarded his horde of riches with jealous zeal.

Ultimately, however, Rumor was not satisfied with his glittering wealth, for there was one treasure that he craved to own more than any other.

When the young Een heroine Kendra Kandlestar encountered Rumor, she came to realize that his physical might was only one of his weapons, for the beast possessed a sharp mind and the heart of a trickster.

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