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Enchanted snail

The mysterious snail known as Skeezle was the steadfast companion of Effryn Hagglehorn.

Skeezle’s true size was unknown. Sometimes he was so small he could fit in the palm of a hand; at other times he was large enough to ride. In fact, the snail worked as a mount for Effryn, carrying the faun’s caravan of magical goods. When Effryn wanted to enlarge Skeezle, he simply cried out a magical spell with the words, “Ta-wit-cha-doo-roo!”

When Kendra Kandlestar first met Skeezle, she wondered if the snail could talk, or if his silence was a matter of choice. He certainly never spoke in Kendra’s presence, though she spotted a yawn coming from him whenever Effryn launched into one of his famous spiels in an attempt to ply his magical wares.

Whatever the case concerning his voice, Skeezle proved to be a valuable companion to Kendra in her journey to and from the Door to Unger, and she was thankful for his seemingly inexhaustible stamina.

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