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Winter Woodsong.
Winter Woodsong
Eldest of the Elders

As Eldest of the Elders, Winter Woodsong was one of the most revered sorceresses in all the Land of Een. She was a tiny, delicate creature with glimmering eyes and a tapestry of wrinkles that danced across her face. From head to foot, Winter Woodsong was snow white, for age had bleached her hair and skin of color, and she wore a gown as pale as the moon. Even her crooked staff of Eenwood was as white as a crystal shard.

Winter’s wisdom was known throughout the Land of Een, and she led the Council of Elders for many years until age and illness forced her to step down in favor of the vile Burdock Brown.

Even in sickness, Winter was able to impart much wisdom to the Eens, including young Kendra Kandlestar. In fact, Winter revealed much to Kendra about her long-lost mother, inspiring the girl to go seek her in the wretched wilds that lay beyond the magic curtain of Een.

In her younger days, Winter took many Eens as apprentices, instructing them in the ways of magic. One of her apprentices was Kendra’s Uncle Griffinskitch. After he completed his tutelage, Uncle Griffinskitch remained close to Winter and the two became trusted friends.

Winter played an important role in Een history. When Burdock Brown declared himself Emperor of all of Eendom, and began enacting terrible laws to punish Een animals, Winter led an underground resistance to counteract the tyrant. This group, known as the Knights of Winter, served as an inspiration to the Land of Een as it struggled to find freedom.

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