Kendra Kandlestar
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A strong and noble breed

The half-horse, half-human creatures known as centaurs are one of the oldest races. Some say they are more ancient than Eens. Centaurs are known for their noble ways. They are adept at fighting, but will only do so when all other means of diplomacy have been exhausted.

Kendra Kandlestar encountered a few centaurs in her travels to the world beyond the Land of Een. A centaur was present when she ventured into The Rusty Bucket, a pirate's tavern in Ireshook. And she fought in the Rumble Pit at the same time as the famous centaur known as Darius, wild roamer of the Plains of Eradeen.

Centaurs were also used to guard the gates of Trader's Folly, the vast market town where most anything could be bought and sold.

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