Kendra Kandlestar
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Brawn over brains

Strong, burly, and immense, giants are known for their brawn, and not their brains. They look similar to humans, but of course are much bigger. Giants were once very common in the lands that lay beyond the magic curtain of Een and many Eens had dealings with the gargantuan race.

Byron Bumblebean, the ancestor of Professor Bumblebean, once found himself involved in a game of cards with a giant. As the story goes, Byron came away with an enormous barrel of pickles. Byron brought the barrel back to Een and used it to build the library in Faun's End.

While searching for the Box of Whispers, Kendra Kandlestar and her companions journeyed to the Castle Krodos, a famous giant fortress. They found the castle deserted of all giants, except for several large skeletons—all that remained of some gruesome battle.

Kendra was to encounter the giant Grolf when she journeyed to the notorious Rumble Pit across the Seas of Ire. Despite his enormous size and strength, Grolf had been captured by the Krakes and made to fight for survival in the pit.

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