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One of the five monster tribes

Seeming like a strange cross between toads and wild boars, Goojuns were grayish-green creatures that lived beyond the magic curtain of Een. There were both Lesser and Greater Goojuns, but there was no distinguishable difference between the two species, except size.

Goojuns had long sharp teeth and furry bodies with a smattering of spots. Their large hind legs allowed them to bound quickly across great distances. Their smaller forearms were used primarily for attack. Goojuns fed on a variety of insects and small animals, though they would not eat creatures that could speak, such as animals from the Land of Een. Most Goojuns lived in Goojun City, which was located beyond the Forests of Wretch. Like so many of the monsters of the outside world, Goojuns despised the Eens, and viewed them as enemies.

When Juniper Jinx was an Eenling, she and her Uncle Jasper were attacked by Goojuns in the Forests of Wretch. While Jinx survived this encounter, her uncle was never seen again. Kendra Kandlestar encountered many Goojuns while in the outside world searching for her family. After the destruction of Grendel Greeve’s temple, the Goojuns fought in the great war against the other monster tribes: Ungers, Krakes, Izzards, and Orrids.

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