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One of the five monster tribes

The Ungers were large, troll-like creatures with small beady eyes and long yellow tusks that jutted out from wide, crooked mouths. Of all the creatures that lived beyond the magic curtain, perhaps none frightened the Eens so much as the Ungers. They seemed to be all claws and fangs, grunts and snarls, and they could grow to such immense size that they towered over Eens. They had skin as gray and rough as boulders, and arms like pillars. Ungers were known to carry many weapons such as axes, clubs, and spears. They fed on a variety of fish and animals, though they would not eat creatures that could speak, such as animals from the Land of Een.

The Ungers had no particular homeland, but lived in small bands scattered across the wilderness. They had many beliefs and customs. They were known for the wild dancing and drumming. An Unger prophecy stated that the Een marked with the symbol of a star would destroy Unger—a prophecy that eventually came true.

After the destruction of Grendel Greeve’s temple,the Ungers fought in the great war against the other monster tribes: Krakes, Goojuns, Izzards, and Orrids.

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