Kendra Kandlestar
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Uncle Griffinskitch.
Mythical place of peace

Every culture has a concept of the afterlife, and Een is no different. To Een mythologists and scholars, Arazeen is a heavenly realm, a type of paradise that all good Eens enter after passing away from their earthly existence.

Een wizards and sorceresses, however, have a different idea: they believe that Arazeen can be found before death. They don’t think of it as a physical place, but as a mystical state of mind or being. According to such beliefs, when a wizard achieves Arazeen, he has found inner piece, purity, or “oneness” with himself—and the universe.

Even for Een wizards, the search for Arazeen can be an elusive one, often only discovered late in one’s years or even at death—adding fuel to the idea that Arazeen is a type of heaven.

When Kendra Kandlestar was just twelve years old, she embarked on a quest to find the City on the Storm—little did she know that her search would ultimately lead her to explore the deepest mysteries of Arazeen.

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