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Een elder.
Council of Elders
Wise leaders of Een

The Land of Een is governed by a council of seven elders. In order to obtain position on the council, a candidate must demonstrate that he or she possesses experience and wisdom. Many of the council members are wizards and sorceresses—though this is not a requirement.

The leader of the council was typically the oldest member of the Land of Een, called the Eldest of the Elders. Some famous Eldest of the Elders included Leemus Longbraids and Winter Woodsong. The council meets within the sacred halls of the Elder Stone.

The council has not had a perfect history. During the Second Age of Een, Burdock Brown was able to worm his way onto the council and then bully other members until he was in control of it, breaking many Een traditions in the process. In particular, he also banned all Een animals from entering the Elder Stone, which meant, by extension, they could not serve on the council.

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