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Eengels on owls.
Visitors from a heavenly realm

While Eens have varying beliefs about what happens in the afterlife, most believe in the existence of Eengels—the human equivalent of angels. In fact, the Eens tell many myths and legends featuring celestial sprites who descend from a heavenly realm (sometimes called Arazeen) to help earth-bound Eens.

The depiction of Eengels varies throughout Een lore. Sometimes they are depicted to look exactly like earthly Eens or Een animals, while sometimes they are shown with wings or surrounded by a bright aura. They are said to travel through the skies by magic, or sometimes by riding on owls.

One of the most well-known legends about Eengels involves the founder of Een, Leemus Longbraids. Famously, Leemus Longbraids was visited by two Eengels wearing long braids who gave him wise guidance in the days before he was betrayed by his dark brother, Grendel Greeve. In other versions of the story, the Eengels brought with them a talking animal who was able to grant the gift of speech to all of the “wild” animals then living in the lands of Een.

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