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A time for spooky stories

This holiday takes places on the same night as our human Halloween, though the event itself is quite different in the Land of Een.

For the timid and shy Eens, Hallow-Eeen is a night to stay indoors and tell legends and mysterious tales from the past while sipping Eenberry cider and eating pumpkin soup and other savory treats.

Een children often will hang small clinking ornaments around their homes to invite friendly spirits to bless their homes on this night. Some Eenlings also carve faces into pumpkins to ward off more mischievous spirits. Somtimes Een wizards cast simple spells on the pumpkins, enabling them to hum, whistle, or sing a spooky tune. Een children delight in using such pumpkins to surprise unsuspecting adults.

Some favorite stories that are told on Hallow-Een include “Leemus Longbraid and the Braided Eengels” and “Elbo Everkind and the Whistling Wood.”

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