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The Big Bang
Magical airship

Perhaps Ratchet Ringtail’s most successful invention was the magical cloud ship called the Big Bang. Ratchet inherited the designs for the ship from his grandfather, Roompa Ringtail, and worked in secret for many months with his apprentice, Honest Oki, to construct it.

The ship looked like a giant bird attached to a floating balloon. Its wings and tail were sails while its eyes were two enormous windows. A pair of spindly legs could be lowered from a hatch as landing gear. The ship had one main deck and several chambers below, including sleeping quarters, a galley, and storage compartments.

The ship was also equipped with six cannons that fire a special type of weapon called Snot Shot.

Ratchet used the Big Bang to escape the Land of Een when it was ruled by Burdock Brown and flew across the Seas of Ire to rescue his friend, Kendra Kandlestar. Afterwards, Ratchet captained the cloud ship as he and his companions searched for the fabled City on the Storm.

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