Kendra Kandlestar
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Box of Whispers.
The Box of Whispers
Guardian of a precious treasure

For over a thousand years, the Box of Whispers guarded the most precious treasure in the Land of Een. But what this treasure consisted of was a mystery known only to the elders of Een—and it was a secret they guarded well.

The Box of Whispers was kept within the vault beneath the Elder Stone, where the elders thought it would remain safe for ages untold. But when the Box was suddenly stolen by a mysterious thief, panic spread across the land.

The Council of Elders, led by Winter Woodsong, called forth the magic orb for advice. The orb named five Eens to go in search of the box. One of these was eleven-year-old Kendra Kandlestar.

After a long and treacherous journey, Kendra and her companions tracked down the box. Strange, magical and mysterious, the box almost seemed alive as it radiated a soft halo of light and throbbed ever so gently. A strange murmuring could be heard from the box; it was as if it were struggling to contain thousands of voices harbored deep within its core.

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