Kendra Kandlestar
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The cracker seat.
Cracker seat
Rocket of escape

Of all the harebrained ideas to flow from the imagination of Ratchet Ringtail, perhaps none was so crazy as his cracker seat. Essentially a giant firecracker, Ratchet hoped to use the cracker seat as a way to escape the Land of Een after Burdock Brown sealed the magic curtain.

Ratchet planned to test the invention with his apprentice Honest Oki as the pilot, but Kendra Kandlestar stopped the flight just in time. She pointed out that it would be impossible for the cracker seat to fly over the magic curtain, since it covered the Land of Een like an impenetrable dome.

Ratchet was quite disappointed to cancel the test flight, but Oki was extremely grateful for Kendra’s intervention.

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