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The Door to Unger.
Door to Unger
Gateway to a maze of mystery

Though it was not in the Land of Een, the Door to Unger had a strong connection to the hidden realm, for it was built in the Days of Een by one of the earliest Een wizards, Grendel Greeve. The Door was located in the heart of the what was known as the Greeven Wastes and was guarded by seven Unger elders. It was a great honor to be chosen as one of these keepers.

The Door to Unger was curiously named, for its great face did not resemble an Unger at all, but rather the face of an Een. Cracked and weathered after hundreds of years of existence, the face of the Door appeared from a stony wall and overlooked an arena where monstrous onlookers gathered. The face came to life when prospective victims were brought before it. The gateway itself—the mouth of the Door—opened but once a year, during the Festival of Greeve. The five monster tribes (Ungers, Krakes, Goojuns, Izzards, and Orrids) gathered during the fesitval to cast prisoners through the Door and into the maze that lay beyond.

Oroook the Unger told Kendra Kandlestar to go in search of the Door to Unger. He claimed that the Door would hold a clue as to what had become of the Een girl’s long-lost family.

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