Kendra Kandlestar
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Kendra Kandlestar crosses the magic curtain.
Magic curtain
Enchanted barrier to protect an enchanted land

The magic curtain is like a giant invisible wall that separates and hides the Land of Een from the rest of the known world. Any Een or Een animal could march right through the invisible shield and find themselves home. However, if any non-Een creature were to try and pass through the curtain, it would just appear on the other side of Een without even knowing what had occurred. Eens themselves can not see the curtain, but they can certainly feel it, for it is like a sheet of energy suspended in the air.

When Kendra Kandlestar went through the curtain for the first time, she could feel her long braids buzzing with a crackle of energy—but it didn’t hurt. Rather, it felt as if the curtain was alive and tickling her.

When Burdock Brown seized control of the Land of Een, he decided to seal the curtain. It then became impossible to pass through unless one knew the secret spell.

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