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The magic orb.
Magic orb
Oracle of wisdom

Residing within a pool inside the Elder Stone, the orb is one of the most ancient Een treasures and is used only in the most grave of dilemmas by the Council of Elders. The magic orb is made of Kazah crystal mined from the Crystal Peaks, a mountain range that lies beyond the magic curtain of Een. Leemus Longbraids, one of the first elders, brought the stone to the Land of Een and used it to help him guide the people in his care.

Winter Woodsong's council called upon the orb of Een at least twice. The first time wwas when the Box of Whispers was stolen. With a soft “whoosh”, a stream of water shot into the air, and out of its midst appeared a glowing crystal orb. It floated magically in the air, whirling with a quiet buzz as stars and bolts of electricity crackled about its surface. The orb nominated five heroes to search for the Box: the wizard Gregor Griffinskitch, Professor Bumblebean, Juniper Jinx, Honest Oki, and Kendra Kandlestar.

The second time Winter Woodsong called the orb was in advance of the great battle with the monsters of the outsideworld. The orb gave these words to the Eens: “Darkness is coming; it takes deadly aim. It will only be unlocked by magic’s flame.” Most of the Eens present at this ceremony felt the advice to cryptic to be of much use; however, the orb's words turned out to be quite prophetic.

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