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Maiden's Mirror.
Maiden’s mirror
Enchanted communication device

After Kendra Kandlestar saved Effryn Hagglehorn from the Door to Unger, the faun showed his gratitude by giving the Een girl three gifts. One of these was the maiden’s mirror, one half of a set that also included the minstrel’s mirror. According to Effryn, these mirrors were magical devices that allowed the users to speak to each other across great distances.

Legend tells that the mirrors once belonged to a maiden and minstrel who were deeply in love. Their families were at war, however, and the minstrel and maiden could not be together. Their love denied, the two young romantics communicated their love through the mirrors, all the while pining for each other.

No one knows what became of the minstrel and maiden, but hundreds of years later Effryn acquired the mirrors during his travels. He meant to sell them for a grand profit, but in the end decided to give one to Kendra so that he could keep in touch with her after they parted ways. To use the mirrors, all one has to do is polish the glass of one to signal the holder of the other.

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