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Mood swing.
Mood swing
Not the safest of seats

Ratchet Ringtail’s knack for crazy inventions was no better demonstrated than by the mood swing. It looked like an ordinary swing, hanging by a pair of ropes from a tree bough—but what made this swing different was that it was meant to sway the rider depending on his or her mood. For example, if you were in a quiet, pensive mood, the swing would rock you gently. If you were in an excitable mood, the swing would send you arching high into the sky. The only problem was that the swing seemed to have moods of its own. Sometimes it didn’t swing at all, or—even worse—it would swing out of control.

Honest Oki, as Ratchet’s happless apprentice, ended up in the treetops on more than one occasion after testing the mood swing.

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