Kendra Kandlestar
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Pumpkin boat.
Talking pumpkins
Rude rides down the River Wink

One of the many inventions that found life in Ratchet Ringtail’s magical workshop was the talking jack o'laterns. He created them to serve as his helpers. He also planned to use them as boats so that he could ferry Een folk up and down the River Wink.

Unfortunately, the boats were very aggressive and hostile, hurling insults at anyone who approached. When Kendra Kandlestar and Honest Oki suggested that this behavior was due to the angry faces Ratchet had carved in his pumpkins, the raccoon took exception. In truth, he only used the boats twice, once to ferry Kendra and Oki to the Elder Stone and a second time to carry them to the edge of Een when they were leaving Een to go in search of the Box of Whispers.

Afterwards, Ratchet abandoned the pumpkins to the garden patch behind his workshop, forgetting all about them—as he did with so many of his inventions.

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