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Musical flowers

The beautiful pale flowers known as songbells could only be found in the famous Een garden called the Rainmaker’s Rhaspody, near the town of Kojo’s Hope. The flowers naturally produced song, but some wizards, like the sorceress Winter Woodsong, could acutally communicate with the flowers and coax them to produce music according to personl instruction.

The songbells were not kind to Kendra Kandlestar’s uncle, Gregor Griffinskitch. They often taunted him with songs such as this:

There was an old wizard from Een,
The grumpiest that’s ever been seen.
He always said humph
(What a lot of bumph)
And his odor was just obscene.

For this reason, the old wizard did not like to venture into the garden.

Songbells bloom all year round, even in winter.

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