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Strength potion.
Strength potion
Magical might in a bottle

When Juniper Jinx was just a nymph, she accidentally drank a potion that invested her with super strength. At that time Jinx was apprenticed to her Uncle Jasper, who was a wizard specializing in potions.

While traveling in the Forests of Wretch outside the Land of Een, Jinx and her Uncle Jasper were besieged by a horde of Goojuns and separated. A few moments later, Jinx doubled back on her path and found her uncle’s pouch lying on the ground. There was no sign of her uncle, but Jinx began digging through the pouch in hopes of finding a potion that would help her escape the Goojuns. She drank what she thought was an invisibility potion, but in truth it was a healing potion. Since Jinx wasn’t injured when she drank it, the potion gave her great strength. As such, she was able to fight off the Goojuns, but her uncle was lost.

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