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Ald Meryn's Cave
Ald Meryn’s Cave
Hermit's refuge

Near the Wishing Falls on the eastern border of Een, one can find a few caves peering out from the rocks. One of these, as legend tells it, was once the home of the sorceress Meryn Moonsong—or as the Eens think of her, Auld (or Old) Meryn.

Meryn Moonsong was a powerful sorceress who lived during the second age of Een. Some say that as a young girl she even studied under the tutelage of Leemus Longbraids. Mostly, history remembers Meryn as a mysterious hermit who kept to herself, living in isolation, but who brought great joy to Een one dark and frigid winter’s night near the end of her life. As such, the holiday of Ald Meryn’s Eve is named in her honor.

Few venture to see the hole in the rock that is reputed to be Auld Meryn’s cave. After all, Eens don’t exactly like dark places and there is little to see. Any remnants of the old sorceress have long faded into the annals of history.

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