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Charlo Chanticleer.
Charlo’s Crook
The sadness of a sorceress

The town of Charlo’s Crook sits on a sharp bend of the River Wink in the western part of Een. The town is named after the legend of Charlo Chanticleer, a beautiful and powerful sorceress who lived in the early days of the Second Age of Een.

As the story goes, Charlo’s emotions and moods affected the earth, the water, and even the skies. Because of her beauty, many suitors came to call upon her. However, none managed to catch her attention until a humble farmer called Yendel Yewstring planted a magic tree that bloomed with singing flowers. It is said that Charlo’s heart throbbed so strongly that day that the River Wink changed its course and bent towards the tree.

This sharp crook in the river has been there ever since. Charlo and Yendel were eventually married, but one day the farmer was crossing the River Wink when his boat flipped in the rush of spring waters, and he drowned. Charlo was so stricken with grief that the skies raged with a thunderstorm. Legend tells how a single bolt of lightning struck the very tree that Yendel had once planted. The tree was instantly petrified, never singing again. The tree remains to this day, at the very edge of Een, hard as stone, its crooked limbs reaching to the heavens.

The tree is now known as the Hag’s Claw and is viewed with superstition and fear by the Eens who now live in Charlo’s Crook.

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