Kendra Kandlestar
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Fortress tower steeped in history

This small town on the northern border of Een is said to be named after the very first captain of the Een Guard, Clovin Cloudfoot.

Legends tell of a great battle being fought at the site, just as the ancient elder Leemus Longbraids was raising the magic curtain. Here it is said that Clovin made a last stand against an approaching horde of Ungers, Goojuns, Krakes, Izzards, and Orrids led by the Wizard Greeve.

An ancient stone tower still stood during the time of Kendra Kandlestar and served a military purpose once again, for here it was where Winter Woodsong led the Eens in defence against the monster army of Shuuunga the Unger witch. Kendra herself was positioned in the tower, and from here began the great battle.

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