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Wild Flowers.
Elwen Meadow
Place of flowers

The large colorful field that stands on the south bank of the River Wink, nestled between the towns of Owl’s Hoot and Glum Puddle, is known as Elwen Meadow.

No one knows for sure how the meadow received its name. Some think it’s a misspelling of the word “elven” and that it was once the hallowed meeting place of the ancient elves, who are said to have lived on the banks of the River Wink before the time of the Eens. Others believe that Elwen was the name of an Een wizard who lived before the time of Leemus Longbraids and once kept a cottage in the meadow.

Whatever the case, many Eens still venture to the meadow to smell or harvest the fragrant wildflowers that grow in great abundance there.

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