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Faun's end.
Faun’s End
Capital of Een

The oldest and largest town in the Land of Een is called Faun’s End. Situated near the banks of the River Wink, Faun’s End is home to many marvels, including the Elder Stone, the Een Library, and the statue of the Fallen Faun. The town has a large square where Eens meet to market their wares, gather for important announcements, or just to discuss the day’s events.

Faun’s End is an important center for commerce and trade in the Land of Een and many Eens will travel great distances to visit the shops and markets in the town. Some of the most famous shops in Faun’s End include Tree Wort Timm’s Magical Artifacts (to be found on Hoodoo Street), Luka Long-Ears’ Tailoring (located right in the town square), and Gilburt Green’s Bakery (at the end of Merrywright Lane).

The town itself is named after Flavius Faun, an ancient explorer from the outside world. Flavius arrived in the Land of Een through an underground tunnel. He was gravely ill by the time he reached Een, so lived out the rest of his days there. He was so beloved by the Eens that they decided to name the town in his honor.

During the rule of Burdock Brown in the Second Age of Een, the town square became the place where the would-be emperor held court and conducted trials. The square also was a strategic location in the battle that occurred between the Eens and the monsters that attacked from the outside world.

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