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Hag's Claw.
Hag’s Claw
Mark of a sorceress

Standing near the western crack of Een, near the town of Charlo’s Crook, is a long-dead tree. Called the Hag’s Claw because of its appearance, the tree is actually petrified hard as stone.

Legend tells how the tree was planted by Yendel Yewstring, a humble farmer who wanted to woo the sorceress Charlo Chanticleer. The tree blossomed with beautiful singing flowers. Yendel and Charlo eventually wed, but, as the story goes, when Yendel suddenly died, Charlo’s grief was so great that a lightning bolt struck the tree, thus ending its magic forever.

Few Eens ever venture to visit the Hag’s Claw, believing that to do so would mean inviting a lightning strike. When someone is about to do something considered dangerous, the Eens of Charlo’s Crook are often known to say, “You might as well picnic at Hag’s Claw.”

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