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Hills of Wight.
Hills of Wight
Quiet place of meditation

Nestled between the magic curtain and the town of Faun’s End lie the Hills of Wight.

The Hills of Wight are known for their wide selection of herbs, mushrooms, and flowers that are excellent ingredients for magical potions and powders. This is one of the reasons why Jasper Jinx, the uncle of Juniper Jinx, lived in the hills, for he was a wizard who specialized in potions.

The Hills of Wight are considered to be a remote place in the Land of Een. They were named after an ancient Een called Willem Wight, who left his home in Faun’s End to go meditate in the wilderness. He lived out the rest of his days there and now those Eens who wish to find solitude will follow the example of Willem and go to live in the Hills of Wight.

Kendra Kandlestar’s Uncle Griffinskitch considered moving to the Hills of Wight, but his duties as an Elder of Een, and then as a caretaker for Kendra, prompted him to remain closer to the town of Faun’s End.

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