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Wishing and Hoping Falls
Cascades at the edge of Een

After the River Wink winds its way northeast through the Land of Een, it tumbles over the Wishing Falls. The river then meanders for only a short distance more before it goes over a second cliff in what is known as the Hoping Falls.

Not many Eens travel to this part of the land, being somewhat afraid of the churning water though, famously, Ald Meryn’s cave was in the rocks between the two falls.

There is actually a famous Een saying that references the two waterfalls, which goes something like this: “There’s nothing like being stuck between Wishing and Hoping.” Of course, if you were to find yourself on that particular bend of river, you’d quickly know that you couldn’t go back without being pounded by the Wishing Falls—and you couldn’t go forward unless you wanted to spill over the rocky precipice of the Hoping Falls.

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