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Izzy's Reach.
Izzy’s Reach
Songs for the setting sun

On the western crack of Een stands the small town of Izzy’s Reach. Unprotected by trees, the town is subject to strong winds and inclement weather.

The town might be named after Izzy Itchfinger, a famous Een girl who had the gift of song. Most Eens despise travel; they prefer to stay where they are, thank you very much. Izzy Itchfinger was different. Born near the southeastern crack of Een, it was her desire to travel the great outside world and share her melodious gifts.

Alas, she only reached as far as the Western Crack, where she decided to settle down. There she lived out the rest of the days, but Een folk said every night she would stand at the very edge of the western crack and sing her songs to the setting sun.

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