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Kalynda’s Stand
Site of a legendary battle

This spot in the Land of Een marks the place where a young sorceress, Kalynda Kindfire, stood against a wave of monsters who attacked at the end of the First Age of Een.

Even though legend tells that the main attack happened at Clovinstand, some stories tell of a secondary attack that happened on the eastern border of Een. A small force of monsters entered Een at what is now known as the town of Arrow's Grove and moved south towards the Whispering Grove where the great tree of Een stands.

They did not reach the tree. In a meadow just north of the grove, young Kalynda, a thirteen year-old-girl from Glum Puddle, stood all alone against the raiding monsters. Famously, it is said that she conjured the leaves and twigs of the surrounding trees to form the shape of a mighty dragon, thus frightening the attacking force away.

Whether this story is true or not is unclear, but records show that Kalynda Kindfire eventually served as an Elder of Een, working closely with the legendary wizard, Leemus Longbraids.

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