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Galen Griffinskitch.
Owl’s Hoot
Town with a bizarre beginning

Located just south of the River Wink is the small town of Owl’s Hoot. The town takes its name from a peculiar incident in the history of Een when the scholar Galen Griffinskitch tried to convince the Land of Een to abandon the use of magic.

Galen (an ancient ancestor of Kendra Kandlestar) even took his cause before the Council of Elders, where he found himself embroiled in a great debate. This fight ended with Galen shouting, “I don’t give an Owl’s Hoot about your ridiculous council!” He then stormed away and decided to start his own town on the southern banks of the river.

It was Galen’s plan to name the town “Galen’s Change,” after himself, but much to his chagrin, it never caught on. Instead, Eens referred to the town “as that place where the Owl’s Hoot fellow went to live.” Eventually, the town simply became known as Owl’s Hoot, after the famous remark by the cantankerous scholar.

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