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Rumble Pit.
Rumble Pit
Arena of despair

Located within Krake Castle, the Rumble Pit was a gladiator arena where all manner of creatures were forced to fight in a fierce contest of survival. The gladiators were all prisoners, captured by the drones of Queen Krake.

The Rumble Pit had a deadly design. Prisoners were kept in a variety of cells that encircled the pit. When it was time for a rumble, the prisoners were forced down steep tunnels that caused them to tumble into the arena below. Because of the size and shape of the pit, the creatures found themselves crashing to the bottom like fierce ingredients in a simmering stew of limbs, necks, and tails. Most creatures simply regressed to their most vicious instincts, lashing out in violence as they attempted to survive. Escape was usually impossible as the walls were high and smooth, and an iron dome capped the pit. The Krake spectators cheered and jeered from the seating above.

Kendra Kandlestar traveled to the Rumble Pit to rescue Trooogul the Unger. She ended up being captured by Queen Krake, and was forced to participate in one of the deadly battles. She fought with—or against—many creatures that day, including the prince of the perytons, Krackle the dragon, Grolf the giant, Darius the centaur, Uriel the unicorn, and Xerxes the serpent.

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