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Trader's Folly.
Trader’s Folly
Hive of trade and trickery

Located in the outside world, Trader's Folly was an enormous market town where many different non-human races bought and sold goods. If you could imagine it, it was probably for sale at Trader's Folly. These were stacked and stuffed, piled and plied in every nook and cranny of the bustling town. There was a sense of impermanence to the place, for there were no actual buildings—just stalls, tents, and otherwise empty lots with platforms. It was a place to barter for wares and, unless you were a skilled negotiator, have your pockets significantly lightened.

When Kendra Kandlestar and her companions visited the town, they found strange dishes such as apple core pie, pickle juice pudding, banana peel custard, and cloud candy for sale. There were also stalls that sold lizard-eye soup and spider-on-a-stick. There were flying carpets, mirrors that showed you from the back, and tiny "living" brooches with fluttering pixies attached to them. There were also many performers and entertainers: escape artists, card-trick magicians, battle-axe swallowers, scorpion jugglers, fire dancers, and pipe players who charmed two-headed cobras.

It was here where Kendra met her old friend, Effryn Hagglehorn and encountered the insidious bounty hunter, Iro Vex.

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