Kendra Kandlestar
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Underground kingdom of the dwarves

Deep beneath the crust of the earth, one can find Umbor, the underground kingdom of the dwarves. Here the dwarves live in splendor, ornamenting their kingdom with precious metals and jewels mined from the deepest caves.

Umbor is not an easy place to reach, as one must navigate many passageways and doors, many of them hidden. Usually the only way to solve the route is to be led by the key master—who, in Kendra Kandlestar's case, happened to be Crumpit. This peculiar fellow was able to lead Kendra and her companions through hundreds of secret doorways and into the heart of Umbor. Here, the Eens were taken before the royal court of the dwarf ruler, King Reginaldo IV.

Kendra found Umbor to be a glittering, luxurious place, where most everthing was constructed with gold. However, once Kendra looked beneath all the glittering wealth, she discovered a sinister place, one that used countless monster slaves to toil in the mines.

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