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Whistling Wood.
Whistling Wood
A dark and shadowy forest

Located between the towns of Faun’s End and Nestling Nook, Whistling Wood is a dense and shadowy stretch of trees. It is so named after the adventures of Elbo Everkind, who famously was so terrified of the dark wood that he would not enter it.

Elbo wished very much to marry his sweetheart, Tessa Tumblestar, but her father was against the match. In a shrewd attempt to deny the couple, Tessa’s father declared that he would let Elbo marry his daughter only if he could cross the dark wood.

As the story goes, Elbo set forth with great bravado. Once in the forest, however, his courage dampened. Not wanting to turn back and lose the hand of Tessa, he pressed onward, able to distract himself from his fears by whistling The Ballad of Clovin Cloudfoot, over and over, until he reached the western edge of the wood.

Astounded that Elbo had accomplished his task, Tessa’s father still denied the marriage, but the matter ultimately was taken before the Council of Elders and the two young Eens were eventually married.

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