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Winter Woodsong's Chamber.
Winter Woodsong’s Chamber
Den of a sorceress

The Eldest of the Elders, Winter Woodsong, lived in the Elder Stone for countless years. Her home consisted of a series of tiny chambers, high up in the mighty rock. From her windows, Winter could gaze upon the entire Land of Een.

Winter’s chambers reflected the eccentric nature of the old sorceress. Here one could find a collection of odd furniture and peculiur items including kettles and cauldrons, goblets and caskets, wooden chests under lock and key, and tattered parchments and papers. In one corner of the room, there stood a tall Goojun clock. In another corner, there was a large metallic globe with long rods jutting out at different angles. Each rod was capped with a small glowing light, and served as a map of the stars and planets. There was even a sprouting stool, which more than one Een happened to sit upon with great surprise.

Winter had her own small library, but despite this, there were also many books scattered about her main chamber. She also had a great deal of art and sculpture in her home, including one of the oldest relief carvings in all of the Elder Stone, depicting an ancient dance (or battle, depending on your point of view) between Eens and monsters.

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