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Ratchet's Workshop.
Ratchet’s Workshop
Home to magical inventions

In the Second Age of Een, it was not uncommon to be ambling along the River Wink to see sparks flying forth from an old crooked stump that shadowed the water. That’s because this stump served as the home and workshop of Ratchet Ringtail, the most notorious self-proclaimed inventor in all the Land of Een.

In truth, most of Ratchet’s stump was devoted to his magical contraptions. Inventions and prototypes could be found in every nook and cranny and it was impossible to find a bare surface or empty chair on which to sit.

The stump had many chambers and levels. Depending on his mood, Ratchet chose to work in his upper attic or deep down in the cellar. There were countless workbenches scattered throughout the stump, each populated with a wide variety of potions, powders, and elixirs.

This disorganization might explain why many of Ratchet’s ideas seemed to fail. At the very least, most of his inventions seem impractical, including the cracker seat, the mood swing, the weather clock, and the pumpkin boats.

The stump also served as a home to Honest Oki after the mouse became Ratchet’s apprentice.

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